Jan 10, 2010

Lizard...playing hide and seek.

This brown lizard is common in Borneo tropical rainforest. I am not very sure of it scientific group or name. Recently I went to a deep jungle to look for durian, i stumble upon this shy reptile. Fortunately my digital cam was around with me. I have to wait for the it to make a move and a best post. It hard to get a good pic as it always shy away from camera. Anyway i enjoy playing hide and seek with this creature.

trying to get closer

.......Now you see

....shying away from camera....

...... now you don't.

reappear again..

Jan 6, 2010

Year 2010 gift.

I received a phone call late this afternoon. It something that i have been waiting for for quite sometime. I would consider it as a gift for this new year. It like moving to greener pasture, a change in working senario and off course a change in career. At this moment i can't write more about it. Will keep updating in the coming entry.

By the way, let me share this wise quote.

Benjamin Franklin.

Jan 2, 2010

Sesi persekolahan 2010 bermula.

Seperti biasa bila tahun bermula, sesi persekolahan juga bermula. Mulalah guru-guru, murid-murid dan juga ibu bapa sibuk dengan tugas dan peranan masing-masing.

Saya bukannya seorang guru tapi cuma ingin berkongsi pengalaman dari video klip youtube ini. Memang tidak dapat dinafikan peranan yang dimainkan oleh seorang yang bergelar guru. Bagi mereka yang baru menjejaki kali ke profession ini diharap terus mencurah bakti agar menjadi seorang pendidik yang professional demi anak bangsa.

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