Jan 22, 2011

Bunga Duit

Bunga Duit
Originally uploaded by juray2008

First capture of my new camera

Taken early in the morning

a first capture of my new sony a290

though it not a latest model, it great for beginer like me

infact I have to search at few sony outlet as this model is out of stock

I 've new way, a short cut to do posting into the blog... direct from flickr photo

It upload and transfer to blog very fast

It happen by coincidence as I was upload photos to the flickr photo

see the

Jan 11, 2011

Ist Anniversary

nak berasai masa berlalu
udah setahun aku gawa ba Kuching
pengawa baru
ningal ke kerja lama

sari tok ga
my first assignment aku dah siap
cun ba anniversary setahun

just a very short and brief of what i did today
at my 1st anniversary of my new position

Jan 2, 2011

New year new price

The first item i bought this morning.. a loaf of bread.
the price used to be RM2.40
sometine RM2.00 in 10th mile.. i wonder why it's cheaper in this small bazaar
today it price start increasing
when i ask the taukey.. she not happy.
a gunny sack of flour incease by RM10.00 she answer back
"go and ask our PM why" her further blunted remark
well... new year 2011 come with new (higher) price of many essential daily item

In Sibu diners have to pay between 30 to 50 sen more for noodles dishes.

A bowl of laksa now costs RM5.00 following a 50 sen hike.. and many more in the list.

New year come with New price

click here for more info


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