Nov 28, 2011

As I stroll around bidayuh longhouse.

This is a typical bidayuh longhouse found in Sarawak. Not many longhouse of this nature still exist now as economic development and modernisation change the lifestyle and ways of living.

Grid electricity providing energy and brighten the darkness during night.

Some house are equiped with Astro.

Stock of dried rubber sheet

Rubber sheet dried under the sun.
Modernisation doesn't mean traditional way of life and source of earning a living is totally neglected. As price of natural rubber keep on ascending, kampong folk whom are having rubber plantation are very fortunate.

Fire wood for cooking "pig food".

The cooking oil tin in converted to cooking pot.

Bamboo as fire wood.

A natural source of energy for cooking.

This catch my attention... deep afternoon nap.

Anotehr lifely encounter.

Sungai Semedang.. famous for raft safari

Another view if bidayuh kampong. This one is modern in nature, no more longhouse. Instead a luxury bangalow house

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