Oct 31, 2012

As i strolled to Nanga Nyungun, Kanowit

My trip to Nanga Nyungun start as early as 4.30 am from Sibu to ensure that I am in time to catch up with the boat "Sin Thiong" or "Chalo" at 6 am from Nanga Semaran - acrossed Batang rajang to Nanga Ngemah.
The rest, let the picture speak by itself.

Road leading Ng Semaram , Nibong Tada Road.

 Nanga Semaram

 View of road leading to Ng Semaram

 Creative decoration - multicultural

 Nanga Ngemah - early morning view. It rain heavily when I reach Ng Ngemah.

 Mode of transportation from Ng Ngemah to Ng Nyunggun

Our early morning breakfast - durian.

 choices for breakfast
 Chalo or Sin Thiong -

Nanga Nyunggun

 Rajang river

My backpack

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