Sep 7, 2009

Kuching city, Sarawak

Raun ba pasar Kuching lebuh pagi hari enam tok tadi. Bejalai ba St Thomas Cathedral laban bisi Parish sale dia. ke puas aku jalai dia, ngu jalai mega ba sarawak museum. tok meh sekeda gambar ia ka bisi d ambi maia nya..

Musium seni

Museum Sarawak, old building pix taken around 8 am

The Sarawak museum old building was built in 1891 and was extended to its prresent form in 1911, display local natives arts and crafts and collection of local animals.

Merdeka palace back view.

Merdeka Palace Hotel side view

Merdeka Palace Hotel is strategically located in the heart of Kuching city fronting the Padang Merdeka.

Parking Lot, St Thomas catheral

The history of St Thomas Cathedral started way back in 1848. An area of jungle covered hill behind the old town was given to the church by the Rajah in August 1849. Dr McDougall, the first Anglican missionary then, erect a fine wooden church.

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