Dec 12, 2009

Weekend chore... Search and destroy.

Dengue is on the rise.
Destroy their breeding place before they do harm to us.
Knowing the signs and symptoms, prevention measure and ensure prompt treatment is important in preventing the disease.


Misalyn said...

Can't watch the video. It says "an error occured, come back later"

Anyways, in tropical countries like Malaysia and Philippines, cases of dengue keeps on rising. It is a matter of cleaning the environment to keep away those aedes egypti.

btw, I've added your site on my bloglist (

A blessed weekend to you Jay.

Jay said...

Thank you for adding me on your bloglist. Video is ok in my blog.

Ann said...

When I was in Singapore, it was very important that the base of flower pots were not allowed to collect water.

Jay said...

Sometime people just don't bother. It all attitude.

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