Feb 20, 2010

Trip to Machan

A trip to Machan. Machan is a small town in Kanowit district. Located by the mouth of Machan river. (ba nanga Machan). Unfortunately aku nak kala bisi hari mudi ngagai ulu Machan. Tok sekeda ari gambar lebuh nemuai ke Machan.

Road leading to Machan.
The further you go the narrow the road will be.

In dire need for repair.
A strong foundation bridge build of belian wood.
Another interesting sight.
This long house must have built for century as can be seen there is a fully grown durian, betle nut tree, dabai tree, papaya tree and so on.
Great architect, strong building made from beilan wood (leader and pole)

(slow and steady to win the rest)

Wild flower.
There are plenty of this wild flower along the way to Machan.


Rick said...

You have a wonderful eye for picture photos.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Nice to see Machang in this way....

Misalyn said...

Seems like you enjoy your travel to Machan.

Love the snail photo. Keep blogging.

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