Feb 9, 2010


Education and teaching method change with time. I have undergo several mode of study method, from formal classroom method to part-time, distant learning and e-learning. Now webucation is a term which will be a common word among teaching profession.

Knowledge management is another new subject thought in our local university. I would says it new because it's not a traditional subject which was thought for many many year back. Lately we saw university offer course specialise in Knowledge Management (KM). What does KM have in common with Webucation.?

Webucation is education and knowledge delivered 100% via the Internet. Peter Drucker of Forbes Magazine puts webucation into its true perspective: ”We live in an economy where knowledge, not buildings and machinery, is the chief resource and where knowledge-workers make up the biggest part of the work force.”

What is score A programme to do with Webcuation and Knowledge Management? Score A Programme is created by Malaysian for Malaysian student. If you wish to konw more, just click at affiliate, Kenshido or Score A Programme., http://www.scorea.com/
Parents' Hopes
- every child is a precious gem
-Hope begins at birth, sometime before birth
- success in life is every parent hope
- but how to success?
-through education
- but a child need parent support
- and Children's success = Parents' success.

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Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

I am so glad to hear such glowing terms in relation to our children from people in the educational field.

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