Mar 24, 2010

Don't work for money.


Whatever profession we are in, initially when we apply for the job we did it for money. Off course at this stage we are not familiar with the job and won't be able to know the very detail of the job. Later on as time passed by we should developed our skill and love our job.

If not then we not in the right place.

To have peace in mind, love your job and enjoy it.

Mar 19, 2010

The longest journey.

Health Centre
(Pusat Kesihatan Fasa 1 Nanga Bangkit, Song)
Health centre building - left.
Lower right - Bangkit River
river and longboat is the only mode of transportation in this area.
It was around quater past two in the afternoon. As it was Sunday, I was about to take a nap. But deep in my mind, I have an instinct that something unforseen might happen.
The sound of the outboard engine come closer and closer. Soon it stop right at the small jetty infront of the clinic. I am expecting some serious case. It is uncommom for patient to seek treatment on Sunday unless it's serious. My guess was right. Someone knocked my door. "Jampat dik nurun, Cikgu ari Ng Chemanong raya amai sakit".
At the clinic , I did the routine for every patient. Starting from registration then history taking, physical examination until finally come to diagnosis. It sound simple but infact this is the most crucial part of my job. To make an accurate final diagnosis is very important as it will help in giving appropriate treatment and management of patient. In this case the diagnosis is acute appendicitis and required urgent operation - appendectomy.
After all the preparation, it was about 5 pm. I know the the longboat trip to nearest hospital(Kapit Hospital) will take 6 hours meaning that we will reach around midnight. This poor patient has to suffer in pain for another 6 hours. The night trip won't be easy. There are so many risk along the way. Cruising the Katibas river then the Batang Rajang. But we have no choice. We have to confront all that and even risk ourself for the safety of the patient.
Another task is to prepare for transportation. Longboat, outboard engine, gallon of petrol, battery and spot light and etcc.. Not to forget the canvas in case it rain.
to be continue.....
p/s. As long as we haven't reach the hospital my mind is not at peace. Every minute count... that why it's the long journey for me.

Mar 15, 2010

While it's here

I found this quote very real and the situation heppen very often in our life. So let share...

It doesn't do much good when you appreciate the value of a moment only after that moment has passed. By that time, it's really too late.
Instead, see the value of each moment while it is here. Live and experience that value while you still can.
The biggest regrets are for opportunities missed, for the things you could have done but didn't. Choose to deal in action rather than in regret.
Take the opportunity presented by each moment as the moment arrives. Dive into the richness before it fades away.
Life is filled with great abundance. But the abundance can't be saved for later unless you live it now.
Live it now, and make the most of it while it's here. And then, though the moment will soon pass, you'll always have its value.
-- Ralph MarstonRead more:

Mar 11, 2010

Parent Expectation.... straight A

SPM result is just out. Parent are as anxious as well as the candidate themself. They expect their child to score straight A if not excellent. Sending them to the best university.

Recently i happen to meet my old schoolmate. She teachs PP, what is PP? Shyly i as her.. I suppose this is the jargon they use in school. I am not in teaching profession so I pose her few challenging question related to teaching as well as her expectation from her student. Not to test her intelligency but just to get her personnel opinion on matters that often roam in my mind.

Question 1. If a student score a borderline in PMR, (not so good result but selected to science stream). Is it a wise move for the student to go to science stream? Why should't the student just opt for art stream? It hard for her to give an answer. Off course there are some sense in her answer. But as i believe this is a subjective question. And the debate keep continue between us.

No doubt our longest serving former Prime Minister is a Medical doctor but how many other minister are from science stream? You know better. Those who success in business, what stream are there in scholol? You become a doctor, you do a very noble job but do you know how hard it is when there is not enough doctor to serve the rakyat.

Art stream, become economist as a governor of Bank Negara. Also a very noble job. Manage the country economy with the help of many economist. CEO of Performance Management and Delivery unit (Pemandu) monitoring the implementation of KPI, not a scientist but B Soc Sc in Development studies and Management now managing the ministers KPI.

There are many question we debate but we enjoy ourself after for so many year didn't meet each other. .

But at the end of the day we bot agreed to the conclusion that either one doen not matter. What matter most nowaday is seccess in life. Success means financially dependent. no hutang dari Along.

I Know for sure there someone up there don't agree. No parent will sent thier kid to art stream if they score straight A in there PMR right? whatever just drop your opinion.

Mar 7, 2010

Bawang Assan.. development.

Astro satellite dish

Talk about movie, sport, politic, science, news, entertainment, whatever... all in their fingertip.

This is common in longhouse especially in sibu nowaday. Each bilik (family) own one.
Astro an acronym for All-Asian Satellite Television and Radio Operator,the Malaysian direct broadcast satellite pay television service. Astro is owned and operated by MEASAT Broadcast Network System.

'yet to be named bridge"

Another giant development, labaan bridge crossing batang Rajang. This will link Sibu direct to Tg Manis the newly develop ""SCORE" in Sarikei. Will bring great relief to people living surrounding areas as longboat cruise will be thing of the pass. Promise has been made that it will be ready before coming gawai.

Longboat is an essential mode of transportation here.

Mar 2, 2010

New office... new equipment.

Are you happy with your present job? Have you ever thought of shifting job or changing career? Have you ever invest for your career advancement? Well, the question is endless.

Whatever it is, I have change career and hopefully it is for the better. And for my new office, here is what i got. I move in for about a month. There are few gadget available. But for stationaries, I just got it this morning. All this while i have to borrow here and there.
New set of stationaries
The very basic of office equipment.
Voice recorder cum FM radio.
I feel very fortunate to have this gadget.

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