Mar 2, 2010

New office... new equipment.

Are you happy with your present job? Have you ever thought of shifting job or changing career? Have you ever invest for your career advancement? Well, the question is endless.

Whatever it is, I have change career and hopefully it is for the better. And for my new office, here is what i got. I move in for about a month. There are few gadget available. But for stationaries, I just got it this morning. All this while i have to borrow here and there.
New set of stationaries
The very basic of office equipment.
Voice recorder cum FM radio.
I feel very fortunate to have this gadget.


gadis borneo said...

bgus kena sdia semua..mine terpaksa bawa sndiri dr harap kena order dr mgment tp lambat...bila dorg nampak saya bawa sndiri dorg trus tida peduli ou....hehehe

Coffee Girl said...

The voice recorder is pink! cool! haha. so, where did u move to?

im happy where i am, just changed job too, 5 months ago. congratulations for ur bold move bro.

P A U L I N E said...

wooh... bagusnya majikan tu.. harap2 sy pun jumpa majikan seperti itu kelak.. ^^

Jay said...

gadis borneo;
memang kedekut mgt mcm tu. derma saja secara ikhlas ada pahalanya nanti.

Coffee girl;
be happy with what we have.. bershukur to God.

pilihlah majikan yang x kedekut. jgn pilih yg macam gadis borneo punya.

Misalyn said...

Love the pink voice recorder ;). Goodluck on your new job Jay and good to see you blogging once in a while.

Jay said...

I frequently visit your blog but seldom left comment. Sorry for that. TQ for visiting me always. It not easy to find space for updating.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

I was born into an era when we were told to have a vocation. Most people then believed in having one job for life e.g. teacher/lawyer/banker/dentist etc.
Nowadays people are like what you say...change gear/shift base/travel further/having better options etc..

times have changed.

All the best for the job change.

Jay said...

Thank a lot.

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