Aug 24, 2010


This is the Batang Kemena view. The photo taken from the hotel room where I spent my night.

Batang Kemena

The process of making cincalok requires several steps to create a product of high quality with a pleasing texture when consumed. Fresh small prawns are added with salt and rice in equal proportions. After the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, it will be sealed in a jar and allowed to ferment for three days. There are also cincalok makers who increase the proportion of rice in the mixture believing it to enhance the taste of the finished product.

Belacan Bintulu

In fact, Belacan Bintulu is known for its ‘excellent dissimilarity’ to shrimp pastes found in other parts of Malaysia, so much so that its value in terms preserving the originality of a traditional food has been incorporated into the catalogue of Sarawak cuisine.


Upcoming event in Bintulu, Keep 30th September to 3rd October, 2010 in your diary as the time when you must be in Bintulu, Sarawak to see some of the most colourful, intriguing and strange looking kites from around the world. This annual event that started in 2005 has ranked as the most spectacular event of its kind in the state and together with the cultural and artiste performances, it showcases the rich combination of local and international flavours for all to experience and enjoy.
Come and see the national kite competition .

Aug 23, 2010

Bakun Hydroelectricity Dam- 20.08.10

Another new experience, i have an opportunity to make a trip along Bakun road. What most interest me is the opportunity to visit the Bakun dam . Bakun Dam is located on the Balui river, a tributary or source of the Rajang River and some sixty KM west of Belaga. It is expected to generate 2,400 megawatts (MW) of electricity once completed. The Bakun Hydroelectric Dam is thesecond highest concrete facedrockfill dam inthe world.
Bakun dam is 207 metres high with a reservoir surface area of nearly 70,000hectares, about the size of Singapore. So much to share...

Bakun road junction, stall of trader selling mostly jungle product by the road side.

Sungai Asap Resettlement scheme.

Long winding road to Bakun. But the view is just fantastic.

Long Urun 30km ahead. Just imagine travelling this unpaved gravel road.

Another Dam above Bakun Dam.

Settlement area at Murun Dam junction.

Palm oil plantation, a common view along Bakun road.

Bakun Dam under construction, in the background picture as high as a mountain.

Junction to Belaga, but unfortunately this stretch of road is not a public road.

Aug 22, 2010

Journey to Sri Aman and Batang Ai Dam

My journey started on monday from Kuching. As I used to travel as far as to Sibu, a trip to Sri Aman is nothing extra ordinary. I spend a night at Sri Aman before proceed to Batang Ai, Lubok Antu the next day. I intend to write this the day after my visit but somehow too busy for that. Let the picture talk for itself .

This mileage (KM) post is somewhere near to SMK Siburan, 168 KM to Sri Aman.

Another common and famous spot along Sri Aman road, Bukit Bangunan.

Sri Aman, one of the landmark in Sri Aman.

Old bazaar.

The next morning I poceed my journey to Batang Ai Dam, Lubok Antu.

Batang Ai Dam
Preparations for the dam began as early as 1975, before the design was published in 1977. Construction started 1982 with the river diversion work and the last turbine completed in 1985.

This is just the begining of my journey for the whole week.
more interesting picture coming up.

Aug 5, 2010


Another hectic day but rather enjoyable. The reason is simple... this photo explain it all. Let explore....
A must stop spot along the way to Sematan, Keropok macam2 ada.

Ferry point, famous for it traffic jam but that was history.

Sematan Long Jetty

Food of the day... fresh, ...more food like bunga durian masak belacan , ketam etc....

Sematan Bazaar

On tehe way... Kch - Sematan Road

Common sight by the road side -kebun jagung.

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