Aug 22, 2010

Journey to Sri Aman and Batang Ai Dam

My journey started on monday from Kuching. As I used to travel as far as to Sibu, a trip to Sri Aman is nothing extra ordinary. I spend a night at Sri Aman before proceed to Batang Ai, Lubok Antu the next day. I intend to write this the day after my visit but somehow too busy for that. Let the picture talk for itself .

This mileage (KM) post is somewhere near to SMK Siburan, 168 KM to Sri Aman.

Another common and famous spot along Sri Aman road, Bukit Bangunan.

Sri Aman, one of the landmark in Sri Aman.

Old bazaar.

The next morning I poceed my journey to Batang Ai Dam, Lubok Antu.

Batang Ai Dam
Preparations for the dam began as early as 1975, before the design was published in 1977. Construction started 1982 with the river diversion work and the last turbine completed in 1985.

This is just the begining of my journey for the whole week.
more interesting picture coming up.


Krisno said...

Lamak sik singgah di Sri juak gambar flicks..

Ann said...

apa kapah? I went to Batang Air in 1995.

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

So much to enjoy as you make your stops. Only been to Kuching and enjoyed it very much.

kal jis (im not carl zeiss) said...

bagus3x.. lak eboh lupak sambong aaa..

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