Aug 3, 2012

July 13 is my blog anniversary.  It was born when I was in Sibu. Thus today I wish to share with you all some of the picture which I manage to capture in Sibu after left the town for more about 2 year. I am very fond of Sibu town as I have serve twice there. Though the town is cramp and traffic flow are somehow extra ordinary from other town/city in Sarawak but it has it own speciallity to me. Pasar malam was very famous before but now its seem less visited with less goods/food as before. Shopping complex has taken the role now.

Some changes with my blog as I can't upload picture. Don't know why? Please help.


oceangirl said...

I had never been to Sibu, one of close friends in college was from Sibu. I had not been in contact with her for a while. Blogger does give out problems from time to time.

Jay said...

Thank for visiting.

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