Nov 18, 2009

Action Movie

First ever "life stund action movie" shot in Sibu.
Location: Jalan Stabau, Sibu.


mcjayn said...

ah.. wat happened to the driver and the other ppl inside the car? did they manage to escape? or was this just a shot for a film?

Sarawakiana@2 said...

This is very interesting!! Who is making the film?

Anonymous said...

Wah...macam kemalangan jalan raya...

Ann said...

Where is Jln Satbau? So many roads, or roads have changed their names!

You started the fire to take the photos? LOL Award winning photos.

When I was in secondary school, you could send this to Borneo Bulletin, and they pay you $10. Very nice for a secondary kid.

Jay said...

you make the right guess. It happen right infront of my eye. The car collide with a bus. No one was injured as they are fast enough escape.

Jalan Stabau is the road link Salim and Durin bridge. It's an extension of Jln Salim. Borneo Bulletin is no more in pulication now. Only Borneo Post and Eastern Times are available.

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