Nov 12, 2009

Invest in Gold with GSPA or Kijang Emas.

Just pick up this brochure from one of local bank this afternoon. Invest in gold with GSPA or Kijang Emas. The Kijang Emas is Malaysian's very own gold bullion coins. Kijang mean deer while Emas is gold. The Kijang is the official logo of Bank Negara Malaysia (National Bank of Malaysia).

Gold is traditionally seen as a way to safeguard wealth. It is also considered to have instrinsic value. Throughout history gold has maintained value very reliably.

For those who has a lot of gold at home or even in the bank safety deposit, why don't trade it in trading market. mun di pakai pergi pasar pun kena hati-hati. kelak di samun oleh sidak peragut. simpan di rumah sik panday beranak jua nya.

A check with, for one year market price movement shows High:1114.00, Low: 712.30, an increased by 381.93 or 52.17%. Imagine if you invest in January at the price of USD732.07/oz by today you will get a margin profit of 52.17%. In Malaysia the selling price has increased from 3,239 in 2 Jan 09 to 3,931 today, an increased of 21.36%.

Gold bullion coins are weighted in gram, so to get the price we need to convert it to ounces. Go to your nearest bank and they will give you a big smile because they will get your gold.

P/S: This is not an investment advice. Just to share my observation today.

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Pandei juak bro melabur hehehe..

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