Nov 10, 2009

Latest collection...white flower.

White colour hibiscus.

The red colour hibiscus(not white) is the national flower of Malaysia. Red colour represent courage. The five petals symbolised Rukunnegara (the Five Principles of Nationhood) It was chosen to be the national flower (in 1960) by Malaysia's first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman.

How about this one? Can anyone name it for me? I purposely wait for night to fall to capture this pix to get the colour contrast.


Lucy said...

I am so glad you are in the mood to post again. It is a beautiful colorful blog. Thank you so much for posting again.

Ocean Girl said...

Aah cantiknya, selembut sutera.

♥ caRoL ♥ said...

Aku enda paham .. pahal aku enda suka bungai #$@!##$$%#%^^ .... *siGh*

Jay said...

Thank you Lucy and Ocean Girl for always being with me.

sigi ba ia... selera manusia ney ka sama magang.

NeyCie InDLaLa said...

nice capture..

Misalyn said...

I like the hibiscus. It has anti inflammatory effect, some are using it as nonpharmacological treatment for inflammation but be sure that there is no open wound.

Nice to see you blogging again Jay.

Jay said...

NeyCie InDLala;
Thank you. come again.

actually your post, white colour spinach flower inspire me to take this flower and post it.

Ann said...

What a beautiful pure white hibiscus flower. I don't remember seeing one before.

Yes, I grew up in Sibu, I often mention it in my posts. I don't have many photos because the old photos were ruin by termites, and I don't often visit Sibu. I left in 1974. Also, I didn't start blogging until a year ago.

I once mentioned in your post that my niece in law comes from Bau, the Hpeburn family, a Bidayu. She is married to my nephew, Wayne Akup, a Kelabit. Do you know them?

Shall love to chat with you and look at the photos of my home town.

Ann said...

I mean Hepburn family. The dad was in the police.

I am also curious about the luxurious Rejang River cruise. I read about it in a Royal Brunei inflight magazine. I wonder who have the money to go on it. Did you?

Jay said...

I have an entry photo of the Rejang river cruise, Pandaw Orient sroll down to October entry. I don't board this luxury ship to cruise the rejang river, too expensive. Instead I boarded express boat and longboat. I 've been to many tributaries of rejang river include Sg Bangkit, Sg Katibas, Sg Kanowit, Sg Poi, Sg Ngemah etc..

I am taking the digital photo of the old photo around this places to be upload and share in the blog later.

Love to chat with you too.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers!

Jay said...

Icy BC;

Anonymous said...

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