Nov 25, 2009

Invest in Gold (Part 2)

I don't plan to write this article. While reading The Star newspaper, this topic strike my mind. So I just scrible on a piece of paper and start joting some points. I wrote about this a couple of weeks ago. At that time I don't make any price forcasting. But today, after a couple of week, the price is still on an uptrend. It surged to a historical high of USS1,174 an ounce on monday.

According to Bank of America Merill Lynch as quoted by Bloomberg, gold would likely advance to USS1,500 an ounce within the next 18 months.

Higher gold prices meant that consumer would get a smaller piece of jewellery for the same amount of money. But then if the forcasted is accurate, consumer would make a profit by buying at the present price and sell later at a forcasted price.

For detail reading, go to the link;
Price of gold eases


khairul onggon said...

aaaa... can post oredi.. ehehehe.. nice gold info ehehe.. :)

Jay said...

hehe..cuba2 nulis article serious sikit.

Ann said...

Good, you will buy plenty of gold for your wife!!!!!

I was listening to the radio on this, but I got no money.

Jay said...

Me too no money.

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