Nov 24, 2009

Directive words.

Every monday I attending weekly performance review meeting. It objective is to review our activity and the performance for the past one week as well as to do planning for the week. Every head of unit have the share to present. Every presentator will have a hard time to explain the data especially if there are any weakness and failure. They must come out with concrete explaination and supporting data. In short they must be prepare for the "Wh" question fron the chairman (Head of our organisation).

What I want to share here is regarding the duty of a chairman in the meeting. One most important role is to give instruction and order. To make sure everything is done not only according to schedule but most important is done according to standard procedure and meeting it objective.

This are some of his most popular words.

Mr A, can you look into this. The reporting system should be standard.

Mr B, you better monitor.....

Mr C, you must go to the ground and make sure....

Mr D, I want the report....

Mr E, make sure that all...
and many more.

All this directive words lingering for the whole morning.

If you are chairing the meeting, make sure you use the conducive intruction words. If you intend to be one of them, be prepare for those words in your mind.

What is your experience in presenting your performance? I am sure you have a lot to share.


Misalyn said...

In nursing, usually we do have case presentations. We discuss a certain disease with implications on nursing care. We start from assessment, the to planning, to implementation and evaluation.

We do use therapeutic words instead of directive words.

Have a nice day Jay.

Jay said...

Case presentation is to monitor the progress of patient condition i suppose. Ya have a nice day to you too.

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