Nov 21, 2009

"Repairing and Fixing" my blog.

As i was all alone in my big house as all of my housemate are away balik kampong, i took this sweet time bloging. Repairing and fixing what has gone wrong. While doing so, i do blog walking looking for widgets to get it fix into my blog.

Thanks to onggon for reminding me about the comment box.
Then i follow blogger widgets blog. Many tips are available here. I am interested to add Thumbnails widget but it seem to be very completed, many codes to be edited. So i just forgo it for the timebeing.

For those who likes food, cooking should visit this blog, Sarawakiana@2. Go and visit her new Manna cafe in krokop miri. Dapur ku berasap lagi should try this.

To break the silent, i search youtube. This song touch me, Ready to fly by Amy Pearson duet with Rio Febrian. After everything is done I will fly.

To Hardy, Photographer next door blog - fly higher depan di RH Hotel di sibu.


Lucy said...

I am sorry your blog had to be fixed. I have done that so much but mine is not nearly as complicated. You see how simple your life was and is in comparison to here in the United States. I had seen pictures of babies with nothing on their bottoms and cloth diapers are the best as far as I am comncerned.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm..i haven't fix my blog yet..not enought time hehehe..

♥ caRoL ♥ said...

Mayuh "assistant" aku maia aku refix my blog empai entu lama suba ... Miahahahaha *nempik Keavy*

Btw, nice layout =)

Misalyn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Misalyn said...

am sorry that your blog had to be fixed.

I miss the old layout and template especially your song playlist. You made me smile and miss my kids so much with your new layout.

Jay said...

Thank you all for the comment.
You are right. There are so many people who are too poor in this world. In some part of the world, there are starvation.

As long as it is updated regurlarly, that good enough.

enti aku ka refix blog ela minta nuan nyadi assistant aku au...
send my regard to Keavy.

I will try to retrive my playlist. It still available as i have registered with mixpod webmaster.

eden said...

well, last week i changed my layout and didn't realize that some of my edited widgets will be gone. so i had to fix it but having a hard time because i can't remember what i did before..hehehe. it is good have done fixing your blog.

thanks for the comment, friend.

Jay said...

It take me long hours to do the fixing. Anyway it good as it enhanced my blogging skill.

Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

Blogging can get complicated, but it is a wonderful outlet. Five years ago I never imagined
I would be so busy with not one but three blogs. What was I thinking? Good luck & God bless!

Jay said...

I enjoy the trial and error of blogging. Learn from mistake sometime good. Thank

Anonymous said...

added to my rss reader

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Anonymous said...

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