Feb 25, 2010


Kena ia disebut brown bag seminar? Sida MPC & HRDQ yang jadi organiser.

Seminar start 12.30 - 2.00 petang. Bila daftar diberi bag warna brown, dalamnya ada satu sandwich, mandarine orange dan soyabean packet drink. That is for our lunch for the day and that is also the reason nya di tungah brown bag seminar.

MPC pun dah ubah nama dari NPC sebelumnya.

Quote dari seminar tersebut;


Feb 20, 2010

Trip to Machan

A trip to Machan. Machan is a small town in Kanowit district. Located by the mouth of Machan river. (ba nanga Machan). Unfortunately aku nak kala bisi hari mudi ngagai ulu Machan. Tok sekeda ari gambar lebuh nemuai ke Machan.

Road leading to Machan.
The further you go the narrow the road will be.

In dire need for repair.
A strong foundation bridge build of belian wood.
Another interesting sight.
This long house must have built for century as can be seen there is a fully grown durian, betle nut tree, dabai tree, papaya tree and so on.
Great architect, strong building made from beilan wood (leader and pole)

(slow and steady to win the rest)

Wild flower.
There are plenty of this wild flower along the way to Machan.

Feb 13, 2010

Gong Xi Fatt Chai

Chinese New Year starts with the New Moon on the first day of the new year and ends on the full moon 15 days later. The 15th day of the new year is called the Lantern Festival, which is celebrated at night with lantern display and children carrying lanterns in a parade.

Wishing all Malaysian a happy Chinese New Year.
Amalkan budaya kunjung mengunjungi
Perayaan mengeratkan perpaduan

Feb 9, 2010


Education and teaching method change with time. I have undergo several mode of study method, from formal classroom method to part-time, distant learning and e-learning. Now webucation is a term which will be a common word among teaching profession.

Knowledge management is another new subject thought in our local university. I would says it new because it's not a traditional subject which was thought for many many year back. Lately we saw university offer course specialise in Knowledge Management (KM). What does KM have in common with Webucation.?

Webucation is education and knowledge delivered 100% via the Internet. Peter Drucker of Forbes Magazine puts webucation into its true perspective: ”We live in an economy where knowledge, not buildings and machinery, is the chief resource and where knowledge-workers make up the biggest part of the work force.”

What is score A programme to do with Webcuation and Knowledge Management? Score A Programme is created by Malaysian for Malaysian student. If you wish to konw more, just click at affiliate, Kenshido or Score A Programme., http://www.scorea.com/
Parents' Hopes
- every child is a precious gem
-Hope begins at birth, sometime before birth
- success in life is every parent hope
- but how to success?
-through education
- but a child need parent support
- and Children's success = Parents' success.

Feb 6, 2010

Ngajat in Kuala Lumpur.

This is my personal album collection. Photo taken way back in 2006. Since I am not in a mood to write, I would prefer the photo do the talking for me.

One of my favourite photo
The evening civil twilight dusk in Kuala Lumpur.
Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia. Established way back in 1850s, now become metropolitan city with the population of 7.2 million.
One of the busy street in Kuala Lumpur.
some where around Jln Masjid India.
many textile shop around...
great place to do shopping

and this is my mentor...
performing ngajat in one of the pretigous hotel in Kuala Lumpur.
....hail from Kanowit, Sarawak
But lately there had been complaints that the traditional ngajat dance of the ibans had not been performed according to the original style by non-dayak groups. It should be performed in its original style inorder to preserve it originality and maintain the Malaysian culture and tradition as a whole.

Feb 3, 2010

Three's a crowd.

This article catch my early morning attention, 'Three's a crowd'. It about parents sharing bed with their children. For most Asian families, sharing their beds with their children is common. There are many positive experiences thet the child gain. For example their family bed helps the children and their parents feel closer together after a full day of separation. Infact there are many more good that parent and children share at bed time like story telling and etc...

But on the other hand, some find it can cause lack of parental privacy. So should parents of toddlers share the bed? The decision is personal and you know what is best for you.

Feb 1, 2010

Reward yourself.

Reward yourself according to the significance of the goal being achieved. It is important to reward yourself because it gives you a good feeling and motivation to move on, it like an energiser which helps to boost you up in the long journey to achieve great success.

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