Jun 12, 2010

Jeram Toi, Negeri Sembilan

This is my third week in Negeri Sembilan. I"ve visited many places especially hypermarket and shopping complex and planning to visit more. One of the 13 states that form the Federation of Malaysia, Negeri Sembilan is probably the most unique and versatile state. Blessed with lush, green fertile valleys and densely forested hills, Negeri Sembilan offers a fabulous variety of attractions to a broad spectrum of visitors.
This morning I have an opportunity to joined my friends visiting Jeram Toi recreational forest park. Known for it's 30 ft beautiful cascading water fall, it is located at km-28 along the Seremban-Kuala Klawang trunk road. Jeram Toi is a popular picnic spot among the locals. One can reach Jeram Toi by taking a 45 mins. bus ride from the Seremban bus station at Terminal One. Well, it just took us only 30 minute to reach there.
We reach there quite early as don't want to compete for the nice swimming spot. Beside that we plan to do shopping in the afternoon.

guide map





I never saw such a big toad.. such a marvelous creature.

A must visit.. Pasar raya Besar Giant.

wait for next post foe more intersting journey.....


kal jis (im not carl zeiss) said...

Lom gik pegi sia pok.. tq for sharing..

Jay said...

kal jis, mun ada peluang gi NS bolehlah melawat sia

Alv0808 said...

Wow what a day!!..The toad looks like 'stone'..by the way, the guide map looks like a kneeling down lady without a head..try look again..

Jay said...

Alv0808: Yap...it's a great moment. This coming weekend hope to visit other intersting distination.

Ann said...

So awak pergi jalan jalan West Malaysia? You lucky thing. On work or maji maji?

Jay said...

Ann, attending course in Nilai.

Alice Law said...

Wow... look at the gushing water fall, remind me of lata Iskandar waterfall of Cemeron Highlands!

Have a nice day!

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