Jun 11, 2010

Jusco, Seremban 2

Seremban 2 is a new satellite township about 4 kilometres south-east of the existing old Seremban town centre. Located on the western side of the North-South Expressway , Seremban 2 is a planned township built on former oil palm estate land with the aim of relocating the administrative and business district from the crowded old town centre to a more organised area.

I have the opportunity to visit Seremban 2 last saturday. I went to the shopping complex as early as around 9.30am. The shopping complex open only at 10am but as I arrived there, many people waited for the shopping complex to open. I realised something different as compare to Kuching. In Kuching people don't usually visit shopping complex that early.


Krisno said...

I agree with you hehehe..shopping early pun ok...

Alice Law said...

Oh yes Jay, most of us here are 'kiasu gang'... some of the hypermarkey like Carrefour and Tesco even operate as early as 8am! ^-^

Happy weekend!

Jay said...

Krisno, Alice Law
NS is a great place for shopping. I manage to stop by at Carrefour, Tesco and Giant hypermarket.

click here for more info


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