Nov 26, 2009

Link to photo flickr.

In a very good mood today. Public Holiday and Weekend is coming. Plus next week I will having my vacation. Out from hectic daily job. But the utmost reason for me to be happy today is because by accident I am able to link my photo flickr to my web. I have been looking high and low how to do this since I start blogging. It my sincere intention to share those photo. SELAMAT HARI RAYA QURBAN/AIDIL ADHA TO ALL MUSLIM FRIENDS.

Program Subsidi Beras untuk Rakyat (SUBUR)

Let me speak in my national language, bahasa Melayu. I am sorry for not having translator widget yet in my blog.

Program Subsidi Beras untuk Rakyat (SUBUR) dengan penggunaan sistem baucar untuk menggantikan Program Subsidi kepada Pengilang untuk mengeluarkan beras ST 15%, Program Subsidi kepada Pengilang untuk mengeluarkan beras tempatan untuk Sabah dan Sarawak dan Program Beras Subsidi Kerajaan (GSR) di Sabah dan Sarawak. Ini bermakna tiada lagi beras ST 15% (Beras Nasional) di pasaran. Untuk mendapatkannya kita mesti mendapatkan baucer dengan mengisikan borang yang dikeluarkan oleh Kementerian Pertanian & Industri Asas Tani. Borang ini mestilah lengkap diisi termasuklah no kad pengenalan dan nombor talifon.

Banyak persoalan yang bermain di pemikiran saya bila program ini dilancarkan. Antaranya ialah masalah kos pengangkutan yang terlalu tinggi, ketiadaan mykad, ketiadaan liputan talifon dan lain-lain bagi penduduk yang tinggal di pendalaman Sarawak. Persoalan ini mendorongkan saya mengajukan soalan kepada YAB kementerian berkenaan pada Nov, 17 2009.(http//

Untuk masalah bagi mereka yang ketiadaan mykad, klik sini Over 35,000 left out of food aid scheme due to IC

Nov 25, 2009

Invest in Gold (Part 2)

I don't plan to write this article. While reading The Star newspaper, this topic strike my mind. So I just scrible on a piece of paper and start joting some points. I wrote about this a couple of weeks ago. At that time I don't make any price forcasting. But today, after a couple of week, the price is still on an uptrend. It surged to a historical high of USS1,174 an ounce on monday.

According to Bank of America Merill Lynch as quoted by Bloomberg, gold would likely advance to USS1,500 an ounce within the next 18 months.

Higher gold prices meant that consumer would get a smaller piece of jewellery for the same amount of money. But then if the forcasted is accurate, consumer would make a profit by buying at the present price and sell later at a forcasted price.

For detail reading, go to the link;
Price of gold eases

Nov 24, 2009

Directive words.

Every monday I attending weekly performance review meeting. It objective is to review our activity and the performance for the past one week as well as to do planning for the week. Every head of unit have the share to present. Every presentator will have a hard time to explain the data especially if there are any weakness and failure. They must come out with concrete explaination and supporting data. In short they must be prepare for the "Wh" question fron the chairman (Head of our organisation).

What I want to share here is regarding the duty of a chairman in the meeting. One most important role is to give instruction and order. To make sure everything is done not only according to schedule but most important is done according to standard procedure and meeting it objective.

This are some of his most popular words.

Mr A, can you look into this. The reporting system should be standard.

Mr B, you better monitor.....

Mr C, you must go to the ground and make sure....

Mr D, I want the report....

Mr E, make sure that all...
and many more.

All this directive words lingering for the whole morning.

If you are chairing the meeting, make sure you use the conducive intruction words. If you intend to be one of them, be prepare for those words in your mind.

What is your experience in presenting your performance? I am sure you have a lot to share.

Nov 21, 2009

"Repairing and Fixing" my blog.

As i was all alone in my big house as all of my housemate are away balik kampong, i took this sweet time bloging. Repairing and fixing what has gone wrong. While doing so, i do blog walking looking for widgets to get it fix into my blog.

Thanks to onggon for reminding me about the comment box.
Then i follow blogger widgets blog. Many tips are available here. I am interested to add Thumbnails widget but it seem to be very completed, many codes to be edited. So i just forgo it for the timebeing.

For those who likes food, cooking should visit this blog, Sarawakiana@2. Go and visit her new Manna cafe in krokop miri. Dapur ku berasap lagi should try this.

To break the silent, i search youtube. This song touch me, Ready to fly by Amy Pearson duet with Rio Febrian. After everything is done I will fly.

To Hardy, Photographer next door blog - fly higher depan di RH Hotel di sibu.

Nov 20, 2009

Unexpected disaster.

While doing some renovation work to my blog, great unexpected disaster occured. Simple error bring huge disaster. All the widgets are gone. Need to do the fixing all over again.

Anyway it a good lesson to learn from.

So, here it is a new "facelift".

Nov 18, 2009

Action Movie

First ever "life stund action movie" shot in Sibu.
Location: Jalan Stabau, Sibu.

Nov 12, 2009

Invest in Gold with GSPA or Kijang Emas.

Just pick up this brochure from one of local bank this afternoon. Invest in gold with GSPA or Kijang Emas. The Kijang Emas is Malaysian's very own gold bullion coins. Kijang mean deer while Emas is gold. The Kijang is the official logo of Bank Negara Malaysia (National Bank of Malaysia).

Gold is traditionally seen as a way to safeguard wealth. It is also considered to have instrinsic value. Throughout history gold has maintained value very reliably.

For those who has a lot of gold at home or even in the bank safety deposit, why don't trade it in trading market. mun di pakai pergi pasar pun kena hati-hati. kelak di samun oleh sidak peragut. simpan di rumah sik panday beranak jua nya.

A check with, for one year market price movement shows High:1114.00, Low: 712.30, an increased by 381.93 or 52.17%. Imagine if you invest in January at the price of USD732.07/oz by today you will get a margin profit of 52.17%. In Malaysia the selling price has increased from 3,239 in 2 Jan 09 to 3,931 today, an increased of 21.36%.

Gold bullion coins are weighted in gram, so to get the price we need to convert it to ounces. Go to your nearest bank and they will give you a big smile because they will get your gold.

P/S: This is not an investment advice. Just to share my observation today.

Nov 10, 2009

Latest collection...white flower.

White colour hibiscus.

The red colour hibiscus(not white) is the national flower of Malaysia. Red colour represent courage. The five petals symbolised Rukunnegara (the Five Principles of Nationhood) It was chosen to be the national flower (in 1960) by Malaysia's first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman.

How about this one? Can anyone name it for me? I purposely wait for night to fall to capture this pix to get the colour contrast.

Nov 6, 2009

Booster dose.

Life is moody. There is always up and down mood. In economy it often term as economic or business cycle. Lately I am in the downtrend cycle of blogging. Somehow i loss interest in updating my blog. Actually in everything.

Fortunately while blog walking and visit on of my follower, I stumble upon with this comment. "I love reading good materials. Your blog captured my attention. Not because of you are my follower but because of your masterpiece". That the reason why she following me back. It was about 2 week ago she wrote this comment but I just read it few days ago. She very sellective, only following the blog that captured her attention, I supposed judging from the blog she follows.

Then I replied, " what so special with my masterpiece?" Again she replied sincerely, "what matter is the way you pour out your ideas etc. Good writting will leave impact to readers. Nya pikir akulah. Dunno others".

Frankly this comment really rejuvenate me to keep blogging and updating my blog with good material, at least to my own point of view. It acts as a booster dose for my blogging immunity. Off course there are some who disagree with her opinion but I am very thankful for her sincere comment. nak ibuh nyebut nama dito au. nemu nuan nti udah baca.

Keep blogging and sharing. Sharing enrich our ideas and mind.

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